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Why My Bedroom Will Always Be My Favorite Room in my House

Why My Bedroom Will Always Be My Favorite Room in my House

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Merry decorations surround me, and a warm feeling engulfs me as I look around. I take a seat and I’m thankful for my surroundings. There is no gift greater than this. No, it’s not Christmas. I’m describing the feeling of entering my bedroom after a days worth of adulting.

I haven’t always had the luxury of having my own bedroom. When you’re the oldest of many siblings like me and no stranger to sacrifice, you can understand where I’m coming from when I say that the day I finally got my own bedroom at home was the best day of my life. The feeling of entering my bedroom is comparable to the feeling I get when I pull my clothing fresh out of the dryer to my face; it’s comforting, warm, and inviting.

Even when the rest of my life seems to be a wreck, if my bedroom is clean I feel that much more peaceful.

Kinga Cichewitz/Unsplash

Having a space that I could decorate to my liking and clean at my own discretion is liberating. After a hard arduous day, coming home to beautiful scenery and an atmosphere that remains the way I left it really keeps me grounded.

My bedroom is my first form of expression.

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I cherish anything that allows me to fully encompass my interests. My bedroom is the first place I set my eyes on when I wake up, and to be able to take in things that inspire me such as walls littered with my favorite sayings and band posters, dreamy fairy lights, and a tapestry that fully encompasses my mood sets the tone for my day. My bedroom in my parents’ home is a great start to getting to decorate something that is all mine; my dream home is next on the list.

I can disconnect from everyone after a long day and rest comfortably for hours.

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We can’t forget the main function of a bedroom, to lay your head on a (in my case fur) pillow and drift into the land of Nod. My introverted tendencies make it hard for me to not be cliche and say that I delight in unwinding alone in my room. After a long day of interacting with people and being a “fully functioning” member of society, I love to lay down and watch my favorite shows on one of my many monthly subscriptions.

Regardless of whether I live alone, or have a million roommates, my bedroom will always be my most loved part of my home. From the decorating process that fills me with peace and inspiration, to a safe haven for me to melt into plushy sheets and relax after a taxing day, my bedroom will never be rivaled.

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