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What Movement Is Best To Wear for Fall 2021? The Dark Academia or the Light Academia Aesthetic?

What Movement Is Best To Wear for Fall 2021? The Dark Academia or the Light Academia Aesthetic?

light academia vs dark academia

When it comes to the dark and light academia aesthetic movement, which is proudly fostered by the Gen Z generation, there is an even amount of decisive looks. For the light academia aesthetic, there are pale and light colors, while the dark academia aesthetic houses lots of browns, neutrals, and blacks.

Nevertheless, fall colors have always made an impression as being refreshed and newsworthy. For instance, who can forget Bella Hadid’s mustard yellow pants or jacket? The mustard yellow color mesmerized lots of fashionistas last season, with its bursting energy and clean look. Mustard yellow though, isn’t the only color that is grabbing headlines. Earth colors are also at the forefront, as well as dark ruby colors, like burgundy or hunter green. Closets everywhere are showcasing these dark academia colors intensely, allowing major fashion houses to look deep into its palette.

These fall color trends are shaping to be anything but new

We can take a look at the minimalist days of Carolyne Bessette-Kennedy, when she wore minimalist colors reminiscent of the two aesthetics. Carolyne Bessette-Kennedy took a chapter of preppiness from the then undefined dark and light academia aesthetic, using lots of solid colors, like whites, beiges and browns, which in turn are colors that are revisited today. These colors have never really gone out of style. Many can say with the release of the rebooted show Gossip Girl, you can see the appeal of dark and light colors for fall.

light academia vs dark academia

So, what aesthetic is more suited for fall?

It depends on a person’s persona, actually.

Self expression is assumed to be the obvious choice to decide on a style. With the dark academia aesthetic, there is a focus on Harry Potter scenes and book worm skirts, tops, bags, etc. The light academia aesthetic, on the other hand, has a lot to do with innocence and a classic look. There is no saying what version of the academia fashion movement should be tried this fall, but what is more decisive is that they are two movements that are here to stay.

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