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What Can We Learn From Michael and Lori: Dating Life in 2021

What Can We Learn From Michael and Lori: Dating Life in 2021

lori harvey and michael b. jordan

With a still very much present global pandemic going on and a tough rigid year that 2020 has brought us, our dating practices shifted in different places. Some people decided to rely on digital spaces, others wanted to give all the love to themselves, while others took the leap and started dating people as if nothing much had changed. 

One of the hottest and newest couples taking over the internet these days is American couple Michael B. Jordan, 33, and Lori Harvey, 24, who showed off their love journey with sweet visuals and dreamy smiles.

Online detectives

Social media is already questioning how fake or real this relationship is, given the previous stories and romantic links that Lori had with several other celebrities, including Grammy-nominated rapper Future, with whom just a year ago she was spending a vacation in Jamaica. 

It is not new to Lori to love the sea and the tropical settings. In addition to their times in Atlanta and Salt Lake City, Michael and Lori were spotted last week in the French Caribbean island of St. Barth, and a couple of days earlier playing in the snow. The pictures and videos were taken in different times, in between months, but released and made accessible to the public only in the last two weeks.

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A one-way street

The media was ready to showcase Lori’s dating history first, rather than also considering the Black Panther actor’s romantic life. Michael is known to have been romantically involved with Swedish singer Snoh Aalegra, Australian rapper Iggy Azalea, fashion model Kendall Jenner, and Catherine Paiz, among other women in the industry. 

We all wish the happiest and the healthiest times to the two lovebirds, no matter what opinions and stories social media is ready to whip up about them. Love, whether shown off or kept privately, deserves a celebration on its own.
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