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Top 10 Hot Girl Anthems for a Confidence Boost

Top 10 Hot Girl Anthems for a Confidence Boost

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Ladies, this one’s for you. Whether you are looking for the ultimate girl power song, some hype-up music as you are getting all dolled up, or in need of an ego boost after a rough breakup, give a listen to these hits, and you are guaranteed to feel like the empowered hot girl you are. 

1. ‘7 Rings’ By Ariana Grande 

“7 Rings” provides both female and financial empowerment to its listeners. This hit-single was a part of her post-breakup album, “Thank You, Next.” “7 Rings” emphasizes a confident woman (Ariana Grande) who gets what she wants and doesn’t need a man when she has her girls and money by her side. Sounds like a pretty solid life, right?  Also, she bought six Tiffany engagement rings for her best girl-friends. If Ariana is looking for a new best friend, sign me up! 

2. ‘Feeling Myself’ By Nicki Minaj ft. Beyoncé

If you want to “feel” yourself, play this as you are applying makeup and picking out an outfit. “Feeling Myself” is self-explanatory. It’s about loving yourself and feeling confident in your body (as you should queen). These two lyrical geniuses created this masterpiece in 2014 and it remains a hot girl anthem today. Are we even surprised? Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé are key players in the music industry for dropping feminist anthems that truly make you feel proud to be a woman. 

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3. ‘Run The World (Girls)’ By Beyoncé

Who runs the world? Girls, duh! Yet another feminist anthem by Queen B. What makes this song even more powerful is singing it with a group of your girlfriends. Bey attempts to convey the message that women are not better than men, but they are a large force in running this world as well. Not to mention, Beyoncé and her background dancer’s rhythm in the official music video holds SO much power. 

4. ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ By Taylor Swift

“We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”  is a song that is relatable to all who have had their hearts broken. Taylor reciting phrases said by her ex-boyfriend that all women have heard before is truly iconic. Play this song when you need a pick-me-up after you get a text from someone of your past that you don’t want/need back in your life. If you are feeling bold, you may want to ponder sending these lyrics to them. 

5. ‘Good as Hell’ By Lizzo 

Baby, how you feelin’ after listening to this song? Good as hell! “Good as Hell” is the perfect song for those days where you don’t feel good about yourself, but it reminds you of all the reasons why you should. So get yourself out of bed and blast this feel-good anthem. 

6. ‘God is a Woman’ By Ariana Grande 

“When all is said and done,” every female should feel like a goddess. Ariana Grande’s, “God is a Woman,” allows her listeners to get in touch with their femininity.  In the official music video, Ariana incorporates Madonna, another icon in the feminist movement. 

7. ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ By Demi Lovato 

“Sorry Not Sorry” is about bouncing back from a low point in your life and flourishing into the best version of yourself, despite the haters attempting to knock you down. The best revenge is self-improvement and Demi makes that very clear. She is not sorry and neither should you be!

8. ‘Cocky Af’ By Megan Thee Stallion 

As Meg Thee Stallion once said, “Cocky as f***, everything bout’ me is Poppin.” These lyrics are words to live by if you want your hot girl self to shine. It’s perfectly okay to be confident in who you are, look where confidence got Meg!  

9. ‘Man! I Feel Like A Woman!’ By Shania Twain 

An oldie but a goodie. Thank you Shania Twain for reminding us to have fun and highlighting the perks of being a woman. 

10. ‘ Who Says?’ By Selena Gomez 

“I wouldn’t want to be anyone else.” That’s the right mentality, Selena! “Who Says” reminds you of your great potential and the only person who can say otherwise is yourself. So, be kind to yourself, self reflect while listening to this song, and remember “who says you can’t be the best?” 

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