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The Top 5 Items You Need To Achieve a Minimalistic yet Productive Desk Setup

The Top 5 Items You Need To Achieve a Minimalistic yet Productive Desk Setup

minimalistic desk

Are you struggling to find inspiration or just can’t seem to get things done at your work desk? Does your desk look cluttered and feel chaotic? 

Let’s guess, you have tried a million times to organize stuff, but your desk set up still ends up looking like a mess making you feel frazzled and unproductive.

Fear not!

Here are five ideas you can use to make the most out of your space at your desk.

1) A Desk Mat – The luxury purchase you need to make.

A must-have, you may need to add to your shopping list, is a comfortable desk mat. Available on Etsy for $60, this product is natural, biodegradable and is made of premium materials. This luxurious item has incredible attention to detail and has got a sleek finish to it.

2) A Green Plant – Are you lacking inspiration?

An accessory that not only looks good, but aides in a spark of ideas is a green plant. It is said that the color green invokes optimistic and positive vibes and gets those brain juices flowing.

Etsy’s anti-stress light bulb is a minimalistic addition that adds beauty to your desk set up. It contains a faux plant that can be changed as and when you would like to.

minimalistic desk

3) A Desk Lamp – A bright desk will always serve you well!

A chic and minimalistic option, this nordic style loft desk lamp on Etsy is simple yet brings back those good old vibes when lamps were used for everything. This nordic style lamp costs just under $40 and is a great aesthetic addition to your minimalist desk setup.

4) An analog clock – You don’t want to lose track of time when you’re focused on your work!

Keeping your phone at bay may be the ideal option for some people to get things done when deadlines are tight. However, keeping track of time may seem like a good reason to constantly lift that phone of yours.

Believe us! We have all been there!

But… An analog clock may just do the trick!

Amazon’s option of a sleek neutral colored analog clock is one way to go. Giving off the 60s vibe whilst adding to the aesthetics, this clock is as silent as a calm night breeze.

It also contains a built-in light bulb that helps you get your own work done in the wee hours of the night. Its exquisite color is the perfect decor accompaniment to your home. With its ability to be powered by one AA battery, this analog clock can be placed anywhere, making it the ideal option to go for.

5) A Humidifier – A companion for you to focus, work and sleep!

There is nothing better than a workplace setup that’s invigorating with a fresh calm scent. The essential oil diffuser improves air quality around you, helping you get into the right mindset and feel more productive when working on your stuff.

The ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser from Amazon is a great gift from family and friends and is a risk free purchase with a money back guarantee in a 30 day warranty.

Now, you can overcome the stresses of the day, with a comfortable and unique aroma diffuser to help you feel more productive whilst generating the best ideas at your desk.

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