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The Meaning Behind Halsey’s ‘Rainbow Baby’

The Meaning Behind Halsey’s ‘Rainbow Baby’


Halsey’s pregnancy announcement sent shockwaves through the internet when she revealed it in a stunning rainbow-themed photoshoot on Instagram on Jan. 27. After this initial post, she added a moving picture of her endometriosis surgery scars with the caption “scars that got me this angel” and #endowarrior to her Instagram story, further celebrating the long road she faced to become pregnant.

Halsey has never been shy about talking about how endometriosis, or other medical issues, affects her life. She first announced she had endometriosis to her fans in 2016 when she shared a heartfelt tweet about the debilitating nature of the condition. Halsey’s references to endometriosis aim to bring more awareness to this issue. In light of Halsey’s openness about her struggles, fans expressed nothing but love and joy for her announcement.

Halsey’s pregnancy journey hasn’t been easy

Halsey, shortly after posting the announcement photos on her Instagram, tweeted “My Rainbow 🌈”, which fans in the comments noted is a reference to the miscarriages she has suffered. According to Healthline, “A rainbow baby is a name coined for a healthy baby born after losing a baby due to miscarriage, infant loss, stillbirth, or neonatal death.” Halsey has been very open about reproductive health and her personal struggles with endometriosis over the years, both on social media and in interviews.

According to Elle, the singer has had three miscarriages, and four surgeries as a result of her endometriosis. This makes her pregnancy announcement so much more impactful. In an interview for Rolling Stone from 2016, she revealed that one of these miscarriages happened shortly before a performance. In that interview, she was open about how incredibly difficult the experience was. In both her tweet and her photoshoot she references rainbows, further emphasizing what this pregnancy means to her.

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Halsey’s announcement revealed more than just her pregnancy, it also revealed her relationship with Alev Aydin

Halsey tagged Alev Aydin (@zoneaydin) in her announcement Instagram post, prompting fans to see this as an announcement of their relationship. According to Marie Claire, the two have known each other for years, although how long they’ve been together is unclear. The two were spotted in June getting matching tattoos that say “seeds,” which in light of the pregnancy announcement now seems as if those tattoos had to do with their hopes of starting a family.

Aydin has strong ties to Hollywood, assuming the roles of producer, director, screenwriter and actor with a few titles under his belt. The two have a very lowkey relationship, and have not previously stepped far into the spotlight until this post. We are very happy for the pair’s recent announcement, and can’t wait to see their family grow.

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