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Everyone Is Disgusted at Tana Mongeau’s Use of Facetune: Here’s Why

Everyone Is Disgusted at Tana Mongeau’s Use of Facetune: Here’s Why

YouTuber and reality TV star Tana Mongeau has been under fire for Facetuning a photo from the People’s Choice Awards. In the edited photo, a close up of the starlet in a red sequined dress, you can tell there’s a drastic difference in the side by side comparison with the original Getty image from the event.

Tana is extremely open about her use of Facetune though, often making jokes about the photo editing app at her own expense via social media.

This is not the first time Tana has been called out for using too much Facetune

In late January of 2019, Mongeau uploaded a photo of her in a yellow bathing suit that was heavily photoshopped. Mongeau’s use of photo editing was evident to fans when the starlet’s friend posted a photo of the two from the same beach outing. In her friend’s photo, Mongeau was wearing the same yellow swimsuit, but her body was not as snatched as it was in her own edited photo.

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After the discovery, fans started going wild. Evidently, this did not stop the YouTuber from Facetuneing her body in the future.

Tana’s ex Bella Thorne has called Tana out on using too much Facetune as well

On a guest appearance on Logan Paul’s ‘imPaulsive’ podcast on July 10,  the “Shake it Up” actress and singer was expressing her opinion on the use of Facetune when Tana’s name came up in the conversation. This led to Thorne throwing shade at her ex-girlfriend, stating, “…with Instagram, they should really snap down – sorry Tana, on FaceTune – and Photoshop.” Mongeau, clearly not affected by Thorne’s words, simply laughed in response as she lounged on a beanbag chair nearby.

Even earlier, in 2018, Thorne called out Instagram stars for editing their photos too much. During her appearance on Barstool Radio’s Chicks in the Office show on SirusXM, Thorne spoke out about the pressure to use editing apps like Facetune, and how harmful it is not only to the fan but the model as well when photos are edited to the point of perfection.

Thorne explained:

“I really try to be my most natural self. But it does get me in trouble, definitely. And people love to hate just to hate, and when you give them reasons to hate — like you have acne, or you’re outspoken or whatever — then they do and it is what it is.”

In line with her views on photo editing apps, Thorne is very natural in her own Instagram photos often showing blemishes. Take a look at some of her natural photos below:

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Peanut butter brown for my next movie

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Dog days + bed days = Good Friday?

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Tana has responded to Facetune allegations following the People’s Choice Awards

Tana has taken the criticism in stride and has made it clear that she doesn’t plan on stopping her body enhancement tactics anytime soon, be it in real life, or through virtual reality.

The blonde reality star posted photos to twitter while getting cheek fillers. Along with these photos, on November 18, 2019, Mongeau tweeted, “Y’all said I FaceTune too much like fine, stop begging me to get more filler I’ll just do it. STOP HARRASSING ME.”

On the same day, in response to all the hate, Tana posted a series of photos of her at the People’s Choice Awards captioning it “Swipe for a pic of me (with less FaceTune than last time) cause I’m narcissistic.”

It’s clear that Mongeau doesn’t plan to stop using Facetune anytime soon, and she may just be starting a revolution.

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