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Silentò Murder Accusation in Dekalb County, GA

Silentò Murder Accusation in Dekalb County, GA


Atlanta rapper Silentò has been accused of murder on Monday Feb. 1. The details are still not released to the public, and Silentò’s legal team took some time to respond to the accusations. Ricky Hawk, Silentò’s real name, is believed to be involved in his cousin’s death, Frederick Rooks, 34, who was found in lying on a road in Panthersville, southeast Atlanta, at around 3:30 am on Jan. 21.


Silentò isn’t new to the jurisdiction system

The “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” star already got arrested in August for assualt with a deadly weapon in Los Angeles. He had allegedly entered an unlocked property, with a hatchet in his hands. He’s also known for his domestic violence charges, still in California, and his fast-driving of 143 mph in DeKalb County, Georgia.

Silentò is the first American rapper to go behind bars in 2021, but he’s not the first one to have a tumultuous past

Other rappers in their 20s have gotten into trouble and had to deal with the jurisdiction. Among them are Wiz Khalifa, Lil Wayne, Mysonne, 2 Chainz, and 6ix9ine. There are many others, and this is probably an issue that the rap/trap community should take into consideration more often. Events of this nature might mislead the public perception of what the genre is on a music level, and associate rapping with pure violence or bad role models. This isn’t necessarily true, since there are so many valid role models in the industry that have helped elevate not only their local communities, but also a great portion of the country. Jay Z and his philanthropic projects with Beyoncè, Nicki Minaj’s charity work, Megan Thee Stallion’s presence and advocacy in education, and Cardi B’s activism in politics, just to name a few among many.

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