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Rapper, Flo Milli, Releases New Single ‘Back Pack (Flora The Explorer)’

Rapper, Flo Milli, Releases New Single ‘Back Pack (Flora The Explorer)’

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Rapper, Flo Milli, released her new single “Back Pack (Flora The Explorer)” yesterday evening along with a music video in the style of the popular kids TV show Dora The Explorer. This video, directed by J Visuals, shows the young artists vivaciousness and allows her to showcase her talents front and center. At only 21 years old, Flo Milli has an incredibly successful music career. This music video matches the singer’s playful and youthful energy, but her lyrics as per usual show that she should not be messed with. 

Flo Milli flexes while showing her sense of humor

Flo Milii’s song recognizes that some people don’t take her seriously, but she’s a force to be reckoned with. Flo Milli, who has several viral songs such as “Beef FloMix,” “I Am,” “May I,” and “In The Party,” that has made her a well-known name. It isn’t out of place to come across TikToks with her music or her iconic tagline “Flo Milli Shit.” In many of her songs, it’s clear that the rapper has a take no bs attitude and loves to flex her accomplishments, and this single is no different. The rapper has several lyrics explaining how she’s living her best life. The song mentions people disliking her because she’s rich, buying new cars off the lot, and the video shows off her Gucci backpack and luxurious watch. In addition to the rapper’s flexes, she also references all the ways she will mess someone up if they mess with her. These flexes and threats are all set to the visuals of Dora The Explorer. The entire song is a reference to Dora The Explorer, which evokes a sense of childhood nostalgia whale also proving that Flo Milli doesn’t care if people think she’s childish.

Fans showed love on twitter

Flo Milli fans were quick to recognize that this was the rapper’s response to being called childish. Other fans were quick to call it a bop and make memes showing how much they loved the song. As soon as the song released, Flo Milli was trending on Twitter. Other fans were quick to talk about how the singer is finally getting the recognition she deserves. Even for those who are not dedicated fans, many casual listeners can be excited about a new bop. With the rapper’s tack record with TikTok, it’s likely that this new single could go viral on the app. One thing is sure, the song and the video capture the essence of Flo Milli’s intoxicating energy. 

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