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‘Minari’ To Be Released in Theaters and On-Demand

‘Minari’ To Be Released in Theaters and On-Demand


Last year’s big Oscar surprise came in the form of Parasite, which made history as the first foreign film to win the prestigious Best Picture award. Hollywood studios have taken notice of the American audience’s desire to see more diversity and better representation across all films, with A24 producing one of the latest movies to stir up quite a buzz, Minari.

Directed by Lee Isaac Chung, the film is unique in that most of its dialogue is in Korean, which will probably make some people scratch their heads to see big names like A24 and Brad Pitt’s Plan B Entertainment attached to the project. Don’t worry folks, you didn’t read it wrong; Hollywood has and continues to prove its willingness to provide movies with diversity. Times are a-changing and we can all look forward to films that give focus to the melting pot of voices and stories you will find in America. 

At its core, ‘Minari’ is an American story

It’s a story of immigrants. What could be more American than a movie about a Korean farmer and his family plunking themselves in the middle of Arkansas to strike gold? This is a movie centering on a man and his pursuit of the American dream. 

It’s already wracked up a nomination for the Golden Globes’ Best Foreign Film and is considered a top contender for best-of-the-year awards. (On a side note, the nomination was heavily criticized as many argued the film should be eligible for the Best Picture award given that it is produced by American production companies and filmed in America. A story for another time, perhaps.)

Steven Yeun from The Walking Dead headlines the cast, which also includes newcomers Alan S. Kim and Noel Cho as well as Korean powerhouses Youn Yuh-Jung (the Korean Meryl Streep) and Han Ye-Ri. 

Anyways, on to our favorite part. The reactions sponsored by Twitter

Well, the reactions were a bit sparse this time around, but that’s because the movie has yet to be released. Thankfully, for those who have been waiting patiently, A24 posted a Tweet confirming news that Minari will open in theaters on February 12th and will be available to stream on the 26th, a few weeks later.

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