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Love Triangle Drama Is Back After Sabrina Carpenter’s Newest Song Release, ‘Skin’

Love Triangle Drama Is Back After Sabrina Carpenter’s Newest Song Release, ‘Skin’

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Earlier this month, Jan. 8, 2021, 17-year-old Olivia Rodrigo released a new record-breaking song, “Driver’s License,” which has now turned into a major TikTok trend. The song is still currently ranked No. 1 on the iTune Music Charts as well as the Billboard Top 100. Although there is no confirmation yet, it’s extremely speculated by fans that the song is about the love triangle with Rodrigo’s former co-stars, Joshua Bassett, 20, and Sabrina Carpenter, 21, specifically being the “blonde girl” who is allegedly rumored to be dating Bassett now.

Rodrigo has never actually admitted who this famous song is about, as she states it’s “not important.” However, fans still have assumptions, especially after Carpenter bounces back with her own song, “Skin,” released on Jan. 22.

‘Skin’ lyrics are assumed to throw major shade toward Rodrigo, and social media is going crazy

Carpenter released this song 2 weeks after Rodrigo’s hit and fans on all social media platforms are going crazy. The infamous lyric in Driver’s License”, “You’re probably with that blonde girl / Who always made me doubt / She’s so much older than me,” hints at the age difference between the two and the hair color difference, which is when fans initially went crazy.

In Carpenter’s song, in alleged regards to Rodrigo, this lyric specifically, “Maybe ‘blonde’ was the only rhyme,” is believed to be in response to Rodrigo’s lyric.

Everything we know so far about the alleged love triangle feud

Before these constant rumors about the love triangle theory, Rodrigo, Carpenter and Bassett were all co-stars on High School Musical: The Musical – Series in 2019 when the show first aired.

Although it was never confirmed if Rodrigo and Bassett were ever seriously dating, there were many rumors in early 2020 that made them believe so. Now, although still up in the air, fans furthermore believe that Carpenter and Bassett are now an item.

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Bassett also released his own song

Just a week before Carpenter on Jan. 15, Bassett released a song called “Lie Lie Lie,” also supposedly in regards to Rodrigo. He wrote, “You’ve been lying to yourself, lie to everyone else / Darling what the hell.”

In his lyrics, he sums up the story by saying that “you’re acting, oh, so innocent.” He goes on to speak out about him being the only victim and people are spreading lies about him, and that Rodrigo is the one who can’t stop talking about him or “get him off her mind.”

Although there has been no confirmation of who these songs are actually about, fans can only keep wondering until the three decide to finally speak out. Until then, only time will tell.

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