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Leyla Blue Releases New Song, ‘Gasoline’

Leyla Blue Releases New Song, ‘Gasoline’

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Rising pop artist Leyla Blue released a new song on Friday, “Gasoline,” which is an anthem for petty people everywhere. “Gasoline” mixes idyllic, pretty vocals with vengeful lyrics about a scorned, but obsessed ex-lover. This is Leyla Blue’s latest release, which she has been teasing on TikTok since January. If there’s one thing that the artist’s release teaches us, is that she’s ready to empower petty women everywhere. 

Petty queen energy 

Leyla Blue first announced this song on TikTok by filming a video with a snippet of the chorus as the video sound. “‘Gasoline,’ a song for crazy bitches” writes Leyla Blue in one of two TikToks that announced the song. The song clearly delivers this energy with its sweet, hypnotic vocals mixed with lyrics that are straight terrifying. This song brings the “vengeful, beautiful woman” trope to life. 

Leyla Blue brands herself as confident and unafraid

Blue’s latest release fits the energy she has created perfectly. The singer’s most give the essence of a woman who is opinionated, smart, strong, and beautiful all in one. “Gasoline” feels like a follow up to the singer’s hit song “What A Shame,” which currently sits at #1 in the singer’s most popular songs on Spotify. “What A Shame” tackles being your best self and showing an ex what they’re missing when they choose another person over you. This song has an incredibly unbothered and graceful vibe, while still being petty. These two songs present the artist as unafraid, confident, and knowing her own worth, along with her other music. If the artist’s TikToks are any indication, this will continue to be her branding going forward. 

TikTok’s role in this release

Upon the first announcement on Jan. 14, the artist’s TikTok followers were begging for the release of the song. Fans in the comments were stating that this is something they would play on repeat and asking for it to be put on Spotify. The first video got 229.0K likes, indicating a large amount of excitement for the song. Blue’s strategy of announcing snippets to create hype around an upcoming release. Because of TikTok’s advertising power, many smaller or upcoming artists are using their TikTok accounts to promote their music. TikTok has been instrumental in deciding the popularity of music, and for smaller artists, a viral sound is a fast track to success.

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