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Let’s Admit It: Everyone Secretly Hates Exercise (A simple workout plan)

Let’s Admit It: Everyone Secretly Hates Exercise (A simple workout plan)

simple workout plan

We have all gone through the phase of exercising for a few months, only to leave our well curated fitness plan after a short while.

Why does this happen to so many of us ? What can’t we stick to our fitness goals? Is it because we are lazy? Or do we just not have the time and energy to a workout of almost an hour in our schedule?

We are all busy now! Exercise is a luxury right?

What if we flipped that perspective and thought of it as part of our daily routine, just like us brushing our teeth everyday and eating at least three meals a day?

Exercising at home is possible. All we need is to curate a workout plan for at least 15 mins if not more and follow through.

Many of us suffer from allergies and disease due to stress or lack of getting some fresh air and getting those muscles moving.

After visiting so many doctors, sometimes things don’t really seem to be getting better.

The gut-brain connection is a real thing and a reasonably good amount of exercise impacts it greatly. Sometimes, it may just be the answer to keep your diseases under check.

Here is a simple workout plan that may help you stay on track when it comes to working out at home:

Tracking one’s workout plan is generally done in sets which includes reps. Reps is short for repetition and it refers to the number of times you perform a specific workout in a set.

Now, the number of reps in each set and how many sets you perform, is completely up to you. A good place to start if you’re unsure, is to have one set with 10-12 reps.

If you’re a beginner at workouts and are just getting started, doing one or two sets daily is good enough. You can gradually increase it, as the weeks go by.

1. Lunges

Lunges strengthen the leg muscles one at a time whilst improving your physical fitness too. This exercise coupled with cycling gets the blood flowing.

2. Cycling

Cycling helps in toning your calf muscles and really gets you in the right mood. With a good playlist from Spotify, cycling for 30 -35 mins per day helps in reducing acid reflux and keeps the gut healthy.

If you aren’t able to cycle outdoors, getting a gym cycle at home is more than enough.

If a cycling session of 30 – 45 mins isn’t feasible, an intensive cycling session for 15 mins is good to get that adrenaline going.

3. Push ups come up next!

Working at a desk all day has its own set of challenges from waiting for inspiration to strike when working on a creative piece, to getting stiff shoulders and a stiff neck after hours of work.

Push ups will help in developing your upper body strength and eliminate the tension in those nerves of your shoulders and neck. 10 reps are good place to start and get your arms moving.

Exercising doesn’t have to be an exhaustive process, it can be a session where you do just enough to break into a sweat.

Exercising consistently and on a regular basis is more important than exercising for hours on end on one day only .

Doing a little everyday will help you stay motivated and make you want to workout at home and exercise daily.

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