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‘Justice League: The Synder Cut’ Trailer Gives New Take on Original Film

‘Justice League: The Synder Cut’ Trailer Gives New Take on Original Film

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Warner Bros. gave fans a treat for Valentine’s Day when they released a two-and-a-half-minute trailer for the long-awaited Snyder cut of ‘Justice League’. Interest in Snyder’s version of the film grew with the movie’s disappointing release in 2017 as it failed to make a profit and was widely panned by critics and fans alike.

Zach Snyder, the original director, had completed most of the principal photography and was in the post-production phase before he stepped down in May 2017 due to the tragic death of his daughter. Warner Bros. then turned to Joss Whedon, who is currently scandal-ridden with accusations of the hostile and abusive work environments he created while working on various projects. 

Whedon changed the film significantly as he rewrote the script, adding about 80 new pages and did extensive reshoots to accommodate his vision of the story. He also cut around 90 minutes of Snyder’s original footage to accommodate Warner Bros.’ request to keep the runtime under 120 minutes.

The result was an absolute mess

If you haven’t seen the movie, it might be worth waiting for Snyder’s Cut to release instead of watching the original. Critics called the 2017 film a ‘Frankenstein’ movie; unable to make much sense of two directors’ visions.

Snyder tends to lean towards darker tones and themes while Whedon, the director of ‘Avengers’, was looking to bring more humor and fun to the film. Thankfully, with the release of the trailer, it’s become evident that the Synder Cut looks markedly different from the tragedy that was released four years ago.

“We live in a society…”

Fans were shocked to see Jared Leto reprise his role as the Joker and deliver an iconic line that’s become an extremely popular meme over the years.

The line first appeared in the early ‘90s in ‘Seinfeld’ before traversing through various message boards and Reddit. It’s been associated with Joker on several occasions with users posting images of the character and the line despite the fact it’s never been used in any of the villain’s films.

Justice League: The Snyder Cut will be released later this year on HBO Max and will probably set a record for being one of the longest films released in recent years with a runtime of four hours.

This will go either very poorly or extremely well, but either way, diehard fans of the DC universe will be waiting impatiently for the Synder Cut release.

Here’s a look at the trailer.

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