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Jersey Shore’s Mike ‘The Situation’ Gets Candid About Pauly D and Nikki Hall’s Relationship

Jersey Shore’s Mike ‘The Situation’ Gets Candid About Pauly D and Nikki Hall’s Relationship

Calling all Double Shot at Love and Jersey Shore fans, Pauly DelVecchio (DJ Pauly D) may have found the one. On the latest episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, Mike The Situation” said, “You could just tell the way that she is with Pauly — like, this is the one, probably. Quite possibly, Nikki and Pauly could be the next Jersey Shore family wedding.”  

Aside from the drama between co-stars Angelina Pavrnick and Deena Cortese on Thursday’s episode, Pauly and Nikki had no trouble in paradise. 

“Nikki is ‘the full package.’ As a couple, it’s probably been the most fun I’ve had in years,” said Pauly D.

Nikki Hall and Pauly D’s relationship timeline

For those of you who may not know the love story between Pauly D and Nikki Hall, their love affair began on Double Shot at Love season one in 2019. Pauly D and Vinny Gudagnino went on the reality show as bachelors searching for love amongst a group of 20 girls. Out of those 20 girls, Pauly shared a connection with Nikki Hall. Although they left on bad terms after Pauly decided he had not yet found “the one,” they later found their way back to each other in Double Shot at Love season two.

In season two, Vinny and Pauly invited their “ex-girlfriends” to accompany them to their penthouse and party along the Las Vegas strip. In the first episode, Nikki Hall is found on FaceTime with Double Shot at Love star, Maria Elizondo, contemplating whether or not she feels comfortable facing Pauly again after last season’s plot twist. Within the next episode, Nikki decided to make a comeback in hopes to rekindle with Pauly. Throughout the season Nikki and Pauly overcome the awkwardness and tension between them and their relationship begins to blossom quite fast. 

During the reunion of season two, Pauly, and Nikki revealed they were quarantined together. This news came as a shock to both their cast members and fans. Nikki has since been featured on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation as Pauly’s girlfriend and the two are slowly making their relationship public.

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Fans thoughts

Fan’s opinions on Nikki and Pauly have changed drastically since Double Shot at Love season one. Nikki was often referred to as “crazy” and “obsessive” for her strong feelings toward Pauly. Turns out she was just crazy in love with Pauly (understandably). Since then the couple has developed quite a few stans. 

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