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Is Mulatto’s Body Real? — All the Details

Is Mulatto’s Body Real? — All the Details

Mulatto, also known as Big Latto is rising hot on the hip hop scene. Apart from her amazing bars, Mulatto is also known for her amazing physique. With a small waist and big butt, people have probing questions about The Rap Game alumn that has literally grown up before our eyes.

When Mulatto posted a sizzling photo on her Insta back in November, the comments about Mulatto’s body flooded in.

One of those comments said, “tag the surgeon,” naturally earning a response from the rapper.

Mulatto has stated that her body is real

In an exclusive interview with, Mulatto stated about her body, “They always ask me all types of ‘did you get this done?’ I will say this, I will never be the type of person who would be super inviting because I feel like I don’t owe anyone anything when it comes to my personal life. But no girl, it’s all-natural.”

Mulatto has been under fire for her stage name

Mulatto’s body is not the only thing that’s been the talk of the town. Mulatto has been speaking of a name change after the controversy that her stage name Mulatto has stirred up. Mulatto, which means someone who has mixed racial heritage, has not been well received by fans. As Mulatto herself is African American and white, some may see it as her boasting her mixed race.

Mulatto has stated about her stage name:

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“I don’t think I publicly spoke on this yet, so I don’t want to say too much. But especially in times like this where it’s Black Lives Matter and police brutality, I don’t want to come off as someone who is bragging about coming from a biracial background or making it a personality trait. I’ve considered changing my name and educating myself more about it instead of being so standoffish when it comes to that subject,” Mulatto added. “I’ve been listening more. Even when people tweet me and they’re really rude about it, I still listen because I can feel the frustration. People don’t realize I’m only 21. In summary, that is something I’ve been thinking about and I don’t want to say too much so yeah.”

Safe to say that whether or not Mulatto’s body is real, all eyes are on her. As for an upcoming name change, that may or may not be in the works for the B*tch From Da Souf rapper.

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