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If You Liked Promising Young Woman, You May Like These Films

If You Liked Promising Young Woman, You May Like These Films

promising young woman

Promising Young Woman is smart, substantial, and leaves viewers wanting more tales of women getting revenge on creepy men who deserve it. This film challenges men who think they’re the “nice guys” and gives every woman a cathartic viewing experience as they watch creepy men suffer revenge from a powerful woman. If this movie left you wanting more powerful revenge movies, check out these titles. 

Hard Candy (2005)

Hard Candy, starring Elliot Page, is a thriller about taking revenge on predators who target minors on the internet. 14 year old Hayley decides to meet up with a 34 year old man on the internet. When this man thinks that he’s in for a nice experience with Hayley, she turns the tables on him and tortures him into confessing that he’s a pedophile. This story is tense, gruesome, and has a nice twist at the end. If you’re looking for a movie where creepy men get tortured, this is the title for you. 

Revenge (2017)

Revenge is a thriller that follows the story of Jen’s trip to the desert with her neighbor’s husband, Richard, whom she is having an affair with. The weekend gets off to a rocky start with two of Richard’s friends surprising him at his desert home, which he dislikes as he was trying to keep his affair a secret. Despite this, the men and Jen have a night of drinking and fun, but the next day things take a turn for the worse. Jen is sexually assaulted by one of Richard’s friends and things get progressively worse for Jen as she ends up being pushed off a cliff and left for dead. After Jen wakes up, she vows to take revenge on the men in the desert. From here on out, it becomes a fight for survival as Jen is hunted by the men and she makes it her mission to take them out one by one and escape. 

Ready Or Not (2019)

Ready or Not is a thriller follows the story of Grace, who spends her wedding night hiding from psychotic in-laws trying to murder her. Grace’s in-laws have a game night every time someone gets married, and the game they play is determined by the newest addition pulling a card from a puzzle box. If the newlywed draws the hide-and-seek game card, the family engages in a twisted version of hide-or-seek in which the goal is for the new family member to avoid being murdered by their in-laws. Grace spends her night nearly avoiding death with a mix of wit and good luck. The ending provides a satisfying twist that shows that karma really is a force to be reckoned with. Although this movie is not a revenge movie per se, it still warrants a spot on this list because of the main character’s power and the film’s overall sense of karmic justice. 

Midsommar (2019)

Midsommar is a folk horror film following the story of Dani and her drug-fueled nightmare that happens when accompanying her less-than-mediocre boyfriend and his friends to a small village in Sweden for a Midsommar festival. This movie gets progressively weirder and has an eerie tone throughout, but what is truly tragic is how Dani is treated by her boyfriend. The film’s horror element is lacking in a few respects, but the ending of this film makes it an excellent breakup/revenge movie and earns it a spot on this list.

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