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How to Make Your Space Feel Brand New

How to Make Your Space Feel Brand New

make your space feel brand new

You can switch your style with ease, and change your music taste in an instant. However, it isn’t so easy to turn your bedroom around. Worries at bay, you don’t need to break your bank and get a completely new bed set. Your string lights are safe as well, as you don’t have to get rid of anything old to make your space feel new. If you want to quickly refresh your room, we’ve got some tips for you.

Get a decorative quilted throw blanket

You can’t go wrong with a quilted throw. Get one with bright bold colors to brighten the mood of your room. The great thing about a throw is it’s less commitment than a new comforter, but can effectively elevate your space. Forget the major aesthetic factor, a throw blanket will keep you majorly warm and feeling cozy.

Surround yourself with greenery

Get some fake or real plants, whatever complements your commitment level. The aesthetic will be pleasing to the eye and make your room feel connected to nature. If you decide to go the real plant route, there are many health benefits. Don’t just stop at greenery. Get flowers as well. Sunflowers, lavender and daisies will all freshen up your spot and completely transform your environment.

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Print or create wall art and frame it

Get some trendy prints—abstract or quotes will do. Covering your walls with things that inspire you has the potential to completely switch up your space. The process of picking the art and coordinating it is exciting as well. If you want your art to feel more personal, do it yourself. Get some friends together and have a water painting date. Don’t forget the wine and cheese!

Get a lush rug in a light color

Lighter colors make your space feel larger. A soft textured rug will make you feel luxurious. Though a light rug has the ability to instantly change the feel of your space, don’t be afraid to go a bit darker. Regardless of the color you choose, make sure your rug feels amazing on your feet. The comfort of your rug will make it feel refreshing to the senses.

After you’ve refreshed your space, play your favorite album, and break in the new feels. Be sure to admire your walls and drag your feet on your new rug while you’re at it.

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