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How Did Kim Kardashian and Amy Schumer Become Friends?

How Did Kim Kardashian and Amy Schumer Become Friends?

Kim Kardashian and Amy Schumer.

In the wild world of celebrity friendships, we’ve got a pretty unexpected duo: Kim Kardashian and Amy Schumer. Like many fans, if you just finished watching the episode of The Kardashians where Amy gives Kim advice for her SNL skit, you might be wondering exactly why Kim Kardashian and Amy Schumer are friends and how their connection came to be.

We all know Kim Kardashian for her iconic reality TV show and domination of the fashion and beauty scene. She’s accustomed to a life of glitz and glam, with the paparazzi following her every move. Then we have Amy Schumer, the comedy queen known for her hilarious stand-up performances, acting chops, and no-filter attitude.

The surprising part? These two found common ground despite their completely different backgrounds and public images.

How they met and additional encounters

In an appearance on The Howard Stern Show, Amy Schumer shared that she and Kim Kardashian first hit it off at the Met Gala. They clicked and shared their thoughts on how they were feeling about the event, life, and perhaps everything in between.

They also crossed paths at a Time 100 event in 2015 when Amy pulled a humorous prank. Picture this — two fabulous ladies, all dolled up and ready to rock the red carpet. Right in front of Kim and Kanye at the big event, Schumer thought it would be hilarious to take a tumble.

She told Time that she saw the power couple, turned to her publicist, and asked, “Can I pretend to fall?” and her publicist simply responded, “I can’t stop you.” That’s all it took before Amy took that majestic fall right at the feet of one of Hollywood’s most famous duos.


Back then, Amy thought there was no way Kim and Kanye even knew who she was. But hey, things change. Fast forward to now, and Kim and Amy’s friendship has blossomed into something beautiful.

Why are Amy Schumer and Kim Kardashian friends? What they have in common

Amy Schumer and Kim Kardashian have been tight for years, and you can witness their dynamic on The Kardashians. Now, while we don’t have all the juicy deets of their inside jokes and deep conversations, it’s safe to say that these ladies have some things in common.

It’s not completely difficult to see why Kardashian and Schumer are friends. They both know the trials and tribulations of being women in the entertainment industry, constantly dealing with the glaring spotlight of fame. Plus, they share a killer sense of humor — Amy, a long-time comedian, and Kim showing off her hilarious side in an appearance on Saturday Night Live in October 2021.

How they show each other support

When Amy Schumer appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen in 2022, Schumer shared that Kim Kardashian is part of her support system and hopes she is part of Kim’s too. Schumer also supports Kim by wearing some of the entrepreneur’s famous Skims undergarments.

Additionally, while on The Howard Stern Show, Amy has praised Kim, saying she’s “an amazing person.” The pair seems to primarily stay in touch through phone calls and texts, so it can be assumed that they share bites of wisdom and are uber-supportive there as well.

A significant time that Amy showed Kim support was when she helped Kim write her monologue for her highly anticipated appearance on “Saturday Night Live.” Per Daily Mail, speaking of Kim’s performance, Amy said, “I think she did amazing.”

She continued, “I gave her a lot of advice but I think the best advice I gave her was that – and she did use this as her closing joke – that only 10 million people watch SNL and usually she has like 300 million people watching her. So I said just talk to everybody like they are your friends and I think she took that to heart. But I think she really followed her own advice and her own instincts, which is what we should all do and she just killed it. I learned from her that night. That b****.

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