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Here Are Some of the Best Niche Playlists on Spotify

Here Are Some of the Best Niche Playlists on Spotify

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Music is a great way to express emotions and experiences, and so is making playlists. Playlists can be made for general events and emotions like driving or a breakup playlist, or for the very niche moments and experiences in life. In this article, we’re highlighting some amazing highly specific playlists for you. We’ll even include links to each playlist for your convenience. This article will only cover Spotify playlists, but you can find similar ones on Apple Music. 

1. “villains have more fun” by pxscx

Have you ever been having a particularly specific daydream where you were the villain in an epic story? Or  do you need a soundtrack to listen to in order to channel your inner villain? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, this playlist is for you. This playlist has no single genre, but every song captures the essence of being a villain. No matter what type of villain you want a song to accompany, there’s a song on here for anyone. If your day to day needs a little bit of spice, put on your best villain outfit and this playlist and enjoy your life to the fullest. 

Find the playlist here

2. “songs that make me feel like im in a teenage coming of age movie” by Remy Walker

The title of this playlist says it all. This playlist is especially great because this is specific, yet vague enough to have applications in many peoples’ lives. For example, you can play this If you want to imagine yourself as the main character in a teenage coming of age movie or if you want to reminisce on the nostalgia of high school or young adulthood in general. This playlist leans more toward the alternative genre and shies away from other genres of music, but all the songs on the playlist feel like a warm summer night full of mischief and good vibes.

Find the playlist here.

3. “rainy train rides to somewhere new” by Piper

This playlist is great when you need a break from reality. This playlist is lowkey and at times a bit melancholy and mysterious, but these are exactly the mood you expect for a rainy train ride. If you can listen to this while actually on a rainy train ride somewhere new, that would be amazing. I would also recommend this playlist for rainy travel days in general, or days where all you want to do is stare out the window at the rain and imagine a better life. 

Find the playlist here

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4. “running down castle hallways” by gianna wells

If you often find yourself immersed in a world of your own thinking about what it would be like to live in a castle, this playlist is for you. This is especially great for those individuals who are obsessed with cottage core and dark academia, or for those who just love a good period piece. The songs on here will quickly have you imagining your life in another universe, and a the ups and downs that would come with that.

Find the playlist here.

5. “working on my aura” by Millie Marshall

This playlist is filled with songs that help remind you of your self worth. The songs on this playlist are all empowering and all will help you on your path to the best version of yourself. This playlist encourages listeners to never settle and to stand up for themselves. If you’re struggling to take actions that will help you live your best life, try giving this playlist a listen.

Find the playlist here.  

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