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5 Gym Pieces That Will Majorly Boost Your Confidence

5 Gym Pieces That Will Majorly Boost Your Confidence

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Gym clothes no longer only serve a purpose for just the gym. Whether it is going to study, lounging around, or running errands, it is important that your pieces meet the standard of stylish yet comfy. Now more than ever there are endless gym apparel brands to choose from. The brands are taking into account women’s trends, comfortability, and size inclusivity. 

These brands are changing the game. You will no longer have to choose between comfort and style. As Hannah Montana would say, you get the best of both worlds. So leave behind the oversized tees and biker shorts and trade them in for stylish new gym sets and athleisure dresses. 

In order to help build your dream workout wardrobe, we created a list of brands that check all the boxes. Some you might know and have already shopped from. Sportswear brands such as legging professionals Lulu Lemon who have been dominating the athleisure industry, as well as Bo and Tee, known for their seamless sets and vibrant color choices.

Don’t worry, these options won’t break the bank.


Gymshark can be found practically all over social media being worn by fitness influencers and their “Gymshark athletes”. It is one of the fastest-growing activewear brands now worth $1 billion. Celebrities such as Vanessa Hudgens sport the ‘Flex Leggings’ which are seamless and add a sculpting effect.

The brand has a variety of products to choose from such as hoodies, crop tops, joggers, and sports bras. They recently released a collaboration with fitness influencer Whitney Simmons, which consists of light-colored leggings, cycling shorts, and crop tanks. Gymshark provides top and bottom sizes starting at XS to XXL.

Bo and Tee

Bo and Tee are known for their vibrant and seamless pieces. The brand provides a variety of different options for tops and bottoms. They are constantly coming out with new collections that fall in line with the season. A recent collection that they just dropped is the Supercharged collection. It consists of seamless fabric with a mixture of tropical colors and neutrals. Regardless of if you go to the gym or are chilling at home, Bo and Tee have essential pieces.


There is no doubt that Alo Yoga pieces are of the best quality. Their sizes range from 00 to 14, leaving no room for exclusion. They have pieces ranging from tennis skirts, flutter leggings, and one-shoulder bras. The workout clothes fit exceptionally to each body type, with the technical fabrics like Airlift and Alosoft allowing free movement.

Airbrush High-Waist Flutter Legging – Ivory

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