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Celebrities Are Closer to Us Now via ClubHouse

Celebrities Are Closer to Us Now via ClubHouse

b. simone

With the advent of the new social media platform ClubHouse, celebrities have found their nook of interaction, where they can still own their fame but also be much more relaxed and “normal” in front of their audiences. 

Founded by Paul Davison and Rohan Seth back in Spring 2020, ClubHouse is a vocal-oriented social media app. A little bit like Twitter, where millions of people talk to the void and share pieces of news. A little bit like a podcast, where you can host your own show, panel, or conference. Yes, a little bit like LinkedIn too, where you can make professional connections, but in a casual and laid-back space. ClubHouse is a fresh mix of content and personalities, that has the potential to break the tech and entertainment industry, with an estimate of almost $12 million dollars in funding and investments. 

For the time being, ClubHouse is an invite-only kind of space, so unless you’ve got an iPhone and a friend who invites you, you still can’t get access to the app. This will change soon, though, according to ClubHouse’s founders Paul and Rohan, who would like to open the app to a wider audience. 2021 will do its course and will see in the horizon what new piece and space of social media will be part of our lives.

Here are 6 of the most popular personalities who have joined the app and are active in hosting and talking to users.

B. Simone

With over 90,000 followers, B. Simone is on her way to building a million-dollar empire through the rooms and conversations on ClubHouse. Her interests are mostly focused on beauty, love and relationships, along with entrepreneurial topics. 

Young M.A.

ClubHouse counts a high number of rappers, producers, and DJs. Being an audio-based app, it makes it easier to these artists to download and actively use their voice, to share and comment on different topics and takes of the music industry.

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Joe Budden

Commentator, podcaster, and well-known media personality based in the States, Joe Budden is one of the most active and present users on ClubHouse. His interests are varied, but one thing is for sure: any room he enters has usually more than a thousand listeners, all very much attracted by the topic and his presence.

Tiffany Haddish

In addition to TV personalities like Amber Rose, American actress Tiffany Haddish was one of the first popular figures that joined the chat rooms and got in touch with her fans in a very fast and viral way. 

Karen Civil

The social media queen has taken over the app in an exponential way, figuring out a way to reach more than 600,000 followers and social media aficionados. Her interests are miscellaneous, but she definitely has a knack for new entrepreneurial ventures and marketing strategies, which she shares and learns with her audience.

Meek Mill

Another rapper on the app, he’s not as active as many others, but he made his appearances in many rooms, especially those regarding the Philadelphia rap scene. Other rappers that have joined ClubHouse are Wiz Khalifa, Swizz Beatz, Metro Booming, and many more to come in the future.

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