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4 Brands That Sell Adaptive Fashion

4 Brands That Sell Adaptive Fashion

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Adaptive fashion hit the runway scene in 2014 when Mindy Scheier launched the Runway of Dreams, a non-profit organization that advocates for an inclusive fashion industry. Since then, retailers have continued to open the market for adaptive clothing, making it easier for people with disabilities to find comfortable clothes. But, with such a large but new market, it can be hard to find trustworthy retailers. So, if shopping for adaptive fashion, below are four large retailers that have inclusive clothing lines. 

1. Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive


Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive still delivers the iconic laid-back style wearers have loved for more than 40 years with fresh designs in mind to allow for easier wearing. Hilfiger first released the line in 2016 which only featured children’s clothes, then the brand released the adult options in 2017. Now, Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive features clothes for all ages which includes tagless shirts and pants, magnetic-buttoned jackets and coats, and magnetic-zipper jackets and coats. 

2. Target


Target released its first adaptive line in 2017 which featured sensory-safe children’s clothing with tagless shirts and pants. Target continued to release more items like hidden openings on the stomach for children with feeding tubes and pants with back pockets for those who use a wheelchair. Target has continued to roll out its clothing line which now features Universal Thread, an adult jeans line, that is designed for people in wheelchairs. 

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3. Nike


The Nike GO FlyEase Sneakers will be Nike’s first-ever hands-free shoes and will be the start of their adaptive footwear line. Nike released the news on Feb. 1, and their website claims the shoe will be fully stable in both the open and closed positions. While not yet available, they are planned to be released later this year. 

4. UGG Universal Collection

Created for the shoe company Zappos, UGG designed their adaptive line of warm and fuzzy boots with oversized zippers and adjustable laces to make them more accessible. Released last year, adult and children’s sizes are available. 

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