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Billie Eilish Debuts Blonde Hair

Billie Eilish Debuts Blonde Hair

Billie Eilish blonde

Billie Eilish revealed a striking change in her appearance today on Instagram – she’s blonde now. The pop icon has dawned her black and green hair for quite some time now, long enough that those colors have become synonymous with her name. But in a video she uploaded earlier today, she’s sporting a platinum blonde look. Needless to say, this new hairstyle looks amazing on the performer, and fans of the singer were quick to point this out.

Nothing but love for a blonde Billie

In Billie Eilish’s Instagram post debuting her new blonde hair with a magnificent hair flip, fans showed an outpouring of love and shock over the change. Even major brands such as mtv were declaring surprise over this. “THIS IS A POP CULTURE EMERGENCY” wrote mtv in a comment. Other famous figures such as the artist Ashnikko commented “YESSSSSSSSSSS” with, indeed, 11 s’s. One thing is for certain, fans are fully embracing the blonde Billie instead of lamenting over a change from her green and black hair. 

The legacy of Billie’s green and black Hair

Just a day ago, Billie Eilish posted a photo with the two Grammy awards she won this year. The singer one Best Record for Everything I Wanted as well as Best Song Written for Visual Media for “No Time To Die.” The hair she dawned in this photo is the hair and color scheme that has been associated with the singer since 2019. With a few exceptions for music videos, her hair has largely been the same green and black combination. Previous to these looks, she also dawned fully black hair and pastel blue hair, bright blue hair, and silver hair. While all of these looks were great, the green and black hair has made the biggest cultural impact – it even influenced Billie Eilish Halloween costumes. Perhaps it was her wins that inspired her to take her signature look in another direction. Whatever the case may be, the singer is confidently rocking her new look. 

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