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After Watching Euphoria You Might Develop a Girl Crush: Appreciating Euphoria’s Female Cast

After Watching Euphoria You Might Develop a Girl Crush: Appreciating Euphoria’s Female Cast

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Euphoria. In line with the name of the show, we all guessed that some serious drug use would go down. We didn’t figure that this teen drama would become a drug itself. Euphoria is the show we didn’t realize we all needed until it took over our screens.

From the moment Zendaya was revealed as a cast member we knew the show had potential. What followed the first season was an onset of longing for the female cast by, well — females.

Sorry straight boys, but we might just be fangirling over these girls a little more than you. I mean, who else is going to drool over all the eye looks that were served?

Rue Bennett

Ahhhhh, where do I start? Perhaps with the star of the show, Rue.

If we’re not obsessed with Zendaya enough, her character Rue on Euphoria puts that obsession into overdrive. Dry humor, a charming smile, and a tomboy-next-door look are on the list of things that she serves as this character.

Rue’s sardonic, self-deprecating sense of humor is a beautiful contrast to her subtle, soft side that creeps out whenever she is around her crush, Jules, as their situationship progresses.

What I love about Rue is her relatability and the many dimensions to her. She deals with an overwhelming sense of anxiety daily but still manages to appear confident and laid back when the situation calls for it. Clearly, she has the ability to show sympathy and empathy as she cares about her family and friends, but I love the way she can switch up and become coldhearted when necessary.

Cassie Howard

The likeness of Euphoria’s Cassie Howard reminds me of Cassie Ainsworth from the UK TV series Skins — and would you look at that, they share the same name!

This isn’t a comparison of Euphoria characters to Skins characters, I’ll save that for later. But Cassie Howard’s calm, go with the flow personality that is emphasized with an act of cluelessness is reminiscent of the Season 1 Skins character. I mean heck, both girls have blonde hair.

If you were a fan of Cassie from Skins, you may have fallen in love with Cassie Howard for the same reason. Though both girls have a soft, almost weak demeanor to them, they get batshit crazy whenever they need to and stand up for themselves when necessary. Both can be quite the seductress as well.

It’s hard to not get lost in Cassie’s eyes while watching Euphoria, and it’s not hard to see why Chris falls for her despite her spotty past.

Kat Hernandez

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Though not the most confident at first, Kat becomes increasingly confident as time progresses. Her laid back hipster style transforms into a punk look in the series, and her style is fierce. She shows that size doesn’t matter and embraces her curves in risqué outfits, encouraging plus size girls to do the same.

The amount of spunk that oozes off of her as she sashays is astounding, and we can’t help but admire the confidence that radiates off of her whenever she is pursuing her next conquest.

She represents all the not so cool kids trying to appear hip in a world where being a virgin makes you a prude. Though she loses her virginity due to peer pressure, it’s admirable how Kat takes the reins on her sexuality, uses it to her advantage, and profits off of it.

Kat is our favorite eyeliner wearing, leather miniskirt clad femme fatale.

Jules Vaughn

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Jules has an adorably contagious smile and caring nature that will draw you to her right away. Her dark side is a contrast that makes her enticing. Her eclectic style is to die for, and she has this infectious bubbly personality.

Jules is the sort of individual that is so extraordinary when you initially look at her that you want to know every detail about her, like if she prefers pancakes to waffles, or what her favorite The Beatles song is.

Fearless and confident, she certainly doesn’t stick to the status quo, and she makes you want to be your most authentic self.

As troubled as she is, she invests her energy making sure her loved ones are okay, and her drive to defend and protect her friends is riveting.

Maddy Perez

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Euphoria’s it girl. Maddy is the epitome of the girl that you’re not sure if you want to be, hate or date. She checks off all the boxes that make up the definition of HOT. She’s your alternative-cheerleader-glam-girl next door, if you will.

During Euphoria you can’t help but feel bad for Maddie as she drowns in her toxic relationship. Arguably the girl on the show with the most sex appeal (and let’s be real — the best style), her “funky-meets-High-School-Musical’s-Sharpay-Evans” style is unparalleled.

Also, can someone give this girl an award for the best sultry gazes of all time?

It’s safe to say the girls of Euphoria served a little more than the gem stone-clad and glitter tear looks we have all been raving about and recreating  — and we can’t wait to fall in love a little more in future seasons.

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