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After a First Date, You Need to Have These 3 Conversations

After a First Date, You Need to Have These 3 Conversations

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So your first date went well. In fact, it went great. You’re leaving the date on cloud nine, ready to add three heart emojis to your future beau’s contact name — but there may be some questions up in the air that you want to ask your potential partner. Ask your date the following questions after the first date to make sure you’re on the same page. It’s good to live in the moment, but the following questions will ensure the longevity of your desired relationship.

1. Whens the next date?

It’s good to know the frequency in which you will see your partner, and what works the best for both of you. Do you prefer a bunch of hangouts with dates sprinkled in here and there, or are you more traditional and slow-moving? Let your date know your expectations of how often you’d like to see them, and find out their preference as well.

2. Do we like the pace we’re going?

Some people go on two dates and decide they’re in a relationship. Other people can date for months and still not call someone their boyfriend or girlfriend. It all depends on the people and the nature of the relationship. For instance, two people who have been friends for years may go on a few dates and decide to become an item since they already know the ins and outs of one another. On the other hand, complete strangers may take a couple of weeks to warm up to each other. Be clear with your future partner how fast — or slow, you’re looking to get into a relationship.

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3. Are we seeing other people?

For some people, even the thought of seriously texting and having feelings for multiple potential suitors at once is unimaginable. In contrast, some people can go on dates with several people at once and have feelings for all of them. What you need to do after a first date is to ensure that you and your date are on the same page when it comes to how many people you plan to entertain at once. If you’re not clear, someone is bound to get hurt.

These conversations will lead to open and honest communication with your partner, and help ensure that your relationship — if you plan to pursue one, goes smoothly.

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