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A Complete Beginners Guide to Healing Crystals

A Complete Beginners Guide to Healing Crystals

healing crystals beginners guide

You have probably seen what may appear to be ordinary rocks on Kim Kardashian and Megan Foxes Instagram feed or even trending on spirituality TikTok, but what are they exactly? Healing crystals are so much more than pretty colors and different-shaped rocks, they each serve a purpose for different areas of your life. It is the New-Age practice of self-love and each crystal  contains healing properties and energies for protection, anxiety, love, health, success, confidence, etc. 

I want to note that I am not an expert on crystals and I am still learning each day. That being said, I am here today to cover the basics that have helped me educate myself and provide to you the crystals that have led me to my crystal obsession. 

So, let’s get started! 

Do crystals actually work? 

White and Gray Stone on Brown Wooden Table

For me and the other thousands of crystal lovers, yes. There is no exact science behind crystals and sometimes is even referred to as a placebo effect, however, there is no harm in trying something that can help get you on the right path to healing and self-improvement. Life is short and if these crystals can provide you a sense of power to help overcome insecurities and a negative mindset all while increasing your well-being,  why not give it a chance? Plus they make beautiful decorations for your home, work desk, and pieces of jewelry.

Where can I purchase crystals? 

I recommend purchasing crystals at a local metaphysical shop. If you do not have a crystal shop in your area, you can purchase crystals online, however, it is important to read reviews and trust the seller to ensure that your crystals are real and being sold for a reasonable price. Some of my favorite crystal jewelry I had purchased on Etsy by reputable sellers. If you are ever in doubt about whether or not your crystal is real, there are tons of articles online that provide insight on how to spot the fakes. 

1. Rose Quartz 

Rose Quartz was my first and favorite crystal so far. Rose Quartz, also known as the stone of love, provides you energy to open up your heart to unconditional love, harmony, and trust. Whether you set your intention for this crystal to provide you, self-love, restore confidence,  attract love, friendships, or balance your emotions, it works wonders. As for any crystal, you should keep rose quartz on you or nearby, for instance, you can incorporate rose quartz into your jewelry such as rings, necklaces, keep it in your pocket or purse, or on your nightstand. I also suggest meditating with your rose quartz and place it onto your heart to help align it with the energy of love and to open up your heart chakra. 

2. Amethyst

If you are feeling stressed and in need of some clarity, Amethyst is the stone for you. Amethyst is known for being a “natural tranquilizer” for its healing properties of peaceful thoughts, relief of anxiety and stress, and helps aids in converting low vibrations into higher frequencies. The effects of this stone can be best felt when left in your bedroom, living room, or any area of your home. I prefer to keep my amethyst next to me as I sleep due to its properties of providing a calm mindset to help me alleviate my running mind and peacefully drift off to sleep.

3. Selenite

This high vibration crystal works as a protective and grounding stone and is recommended to keep around other crystals to naturally cleanse them. Selenite can help get rid of the impurities of our minds and release any weighing negative energy off of our shoulders.  I recommend keeping selenite on you at all times to help deflect and protect you from negativity. If I am ever found without selenite in my pocket, something is incredibly wrong.

4. Howlite 

Stress and anxiety are a part of our day-to-day lives. This stone can be looked at as a much cheaper therapist in a sense. Howlite is yet another calming stone such as Amethyst, that provides support in releasing attachments to emotional trauma and ease both stress and anxiety. 

I remember when I got my first howlite I was feeling anxiety-ridden and went into my local metaphysical shop to browse around. The owner of the shop gifted me with howlite and expressed that I will feel relief if I keep the howlite nearby. She was right, and it has been apart of my collection since.

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How to activate your crystals

So what do you do after you purchase a crystal or two, or five? First, start by cleansing your crystals of any energy that has passed through them before you had purchased them. You may cleanse your crystals by simply placing them under running water for a few minutes (make sure to look up if your crystals are safe in water), or soaking them in a bowl of saltwater, burning sage, or using Palo Santo. Stones such as Howlite and Selenite that I mentioned above can not be placed in water because they are water-soluble and will dissolve. However, as mentioned, Selenite is a natural cleansing stone that can cleanse the stones around it. 

Regardless of the “rules” for activating your crystals, I highly suggest that you just do what feels right for you. Hold your crystals tight, sleep with them, rub them against your skin, or place them somewhere close by to help you connect the best with your crystal. It can be exhausting keeping up with the rules of crystals so remember to have fun with it and do what works best for you. 

That being said, my last “rule” I am going to provide you with is charging your crystals. Charging your crystals in the sunlight, moonlight (especially a full moon) can be extremely beneficial to both you and your crystal. This is to ensure that your crystals are getting rid of any negative energy that it has absorbed. Particularly during a full moon, crystals collect a great deal of natural energy from the moonlight. I typically lay out my crystals in direct sunlight/moonlight and let them sit for a few hours. Again, this does not need to be done every day, if your crystals are beginning to carry dense energy or you personally just endured something that has affected you, lay your crystals out to give both yourself and your crystals a recharge. 

Now that I have provided you with all the insight you need to know to get started on your journey of crystals, what are you waiting for? Go buy yourself a crystal today and watch the magic happen before your eyes (just kidding…or am I)?

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