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4 Steps to the Ultimate Minimalistic Wardrobe

4 Steps to the Ultimate Minimalistic Wardrobe

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Minimalism is in vogue, and long gone are the days of overbuying. We can thank Marie Kando and her downsizing method in part for this.  A need for less material and more meaning has characterized the move towards the minimalistic movement in recent years. The less you have, the simpler the process of getting dressed in the morning will be. If you’re looking to downsize and declutter your closet and keep it filled with pieces that you’ll always want to wear, check these tips out.

1. See if the items fit

Naturally, you want to wear items that are your correct size, but there are instances where you may skimp on the perfect fit in order to salvage those jeans that you got on sale at the ever loved Hollister sales rack. Or maybe you’ve grown attached to a frumpy oversized sweater that eats up your frame and doesn’t do much for your figure. These items are taking up space and hindering you from having the easy-breezy closet of your dreams. Rid yourself of them and only stick to items that fit you perfectly.

2. Make sure you don’t have multiples of the same item

If you’re a vintage t-shirt collector, this one may hit you hard. Downsizing your closet is not easy, but you’ll feel more at ease once you do. If there’s something you absolutely can’t get rid of, for instance, it has sentimental value, store it away in a box in your garage, or purchase storage at a private storage place. Whenever you get the chance, go through these items once again and see if you’re ready to let go. If not, store them away and repeat. In the meantime, your decluttered closet will thank you.

3. Decide if the items bring you joy

This is a part of Marie Kondo’s hailed KonMari Method to a streamlined wardrobe. You will know if something gives you joy if you pick the item up and have an overwhelming urge to wear it. Every item in your wardrobe should make you feel like this. If an item makes you feel “blah” when you look at it, chances are you won’t feel too hot while wearing it either. Remember that your clothing carries energy, so you might want to ditch that hockey sweater your ex lent your ages ago, or that coat that you thrifted that just isn’t sitting right with you. Fill your minimalistic closet with a couple of items you don’t mind wearing repeatedly.

4. Make sure your items are versatile

Can you wear your clothes for any season or occasion? A simple black slip dress can be dressed down with some sneakers and dressed up with booties or a pair of heels, for instance. Short-sleeved shirts can be worn both in winter and summer and so forth. A versatile closet will lead to more outfits with the utilization of less clothing.

Minimalism isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and the peace of mind you will feel when you downsize your closet will be unmatched.

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