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2021’s Hottest Persona? The Bimbo

2021’s Hottest Persona? The Bimbo

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The word “bimbo” used to be derogatory. Well, TikTokers in 2021 are flipping the stereotype on its head, and for good reason. Self proclaimed bimbos in 2021 claim to be all about promoting radical self love, healthy sexuality, and progressive ideals — ranging from support of the Black Lives Matter movement to denouncing capitalism. This new trend of self love and acceptance is one that is desperately needed in our society right now. 

The bimbo archetype

TikTok star Chrissy Chlapecka, 20, is a self-described “proud bimbo.” She flaunts her body, face, confidence, and progressive ideals on her account. Filming videos of herself going to get PlanB contraceptives is just one step in starting to end a longtime stigma around female sexuality. Another catchphrase of Chrissy’s “doing it for the girls, gays, and theys” also brings more attention to people of marginalized genders and sexualities, furthering acceptance that has seemingly come with Gen Z.

Chrissy usually dresses in all pink, with her hair in pigtails and a done-up face. She shows that you can be sexy, but smart — a spin on the old bimbo stereotype we’ve come to dislike. While she is obviously very intelligent, Chrissy covers smarts in a cloak of aloofness and seemingly parodies the unintelligent aesthetic that has been associated with the bimbo. This has also been seen with other TikTok stars, striving to bring back the 2000s aesthetic of rich socialites without a care. And there’s no one that fits this better than Gen Z icon, Caroline Ricke.

We love the 2000s

Caroline Ricke rose to fame after posting a video where she pretended to be a Harvard University student, flaunting her signature dry, yet stupid sense of humor. She personifies every mean girl that we wished we were in 2008, and it’s fun to watch. While she doesn’t self-identify as a bimbo like Chrissy Chlapecka, Caroline certainly still represents the dumb blonde trope that we love (eventhough she’s a brunette). This return to 2000s fashion and aesthetics for the 2020s is predictable, with fashion styles repeating themselves every 20 years. And, these fashions combined with the pink bimbo aesthetic brings back a very Paris Hilton esque ideal of fame — one of sex, drugs, and Britney Spears. And after the tumultuous 2010s, it’s understandable for the masses to want to revert to a seemingly simple time.

What’s next for the bimbos?

While we can’t exactly predict where this trend is going, it’s on its way to becoming fairly mainstream. And with it’s messages of self love and radical feminism, I’m not exactly opposed to the bimbofication of America in the coming years.

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